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Stay safe and find peace of mind with accessible anti-bacterial protection from the convenience of hand sanitizer packs that go where you go. Now available in multiple formats for retail, bulk commercial orders and customized options!


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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's guidelines for hand hygiene state that the use of alcohol-based hand wipes is not an effective substitute for the use of an alcohol-based hand rub or handwashing with an antimicrobial soap and water.*

According to research  - “To properly coat your hands, you need to apply about 3 mL of sanitizer (more than half a teaspoon).” **


* www.PubMed.gov “Revisiting the Hand Wipe Versus Gel Rub Debate: Is a Higher-Ethanol Content Hand Wipe More Effective Than an Ethanol Gel Rub?” **Source:  Walter Zingg, Tamas Haidegger, Didier Pittet. "Hand coverage by alcohol-based handrub varies: Volume and hand size matter." Am J Infect Control 44 (12): 1689-1691. Published: 1-Dec-2016. DOI: 10.1016/j.ajic.2016.07.006